It is now the favored media format for exchanging audio files.  The MP3 file provides supreme sound quality in a small, easy to transfer digital file. 

MP3 files are superior to tapes or CD's because in addition to being burned to CD, they can be played on the web with no additional equipment and they can be downloaded to an MP3 player like an Apple IPod making them the most portable audio file format available today. Now supports videocasting!


It is easy to start recording and broadcasting your sermon podcasts with  All you need is the ability to make digital recordings.  If you do not already have the equipment, we can provide the equipment and support to get you started.  Once your messages are in the MP3 format, you can upload them to and we will distribute them to both your website and to Apple ITunes so listeners can easily access your important message while at work or while on the go. Get started today!

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