Using you can upload up to 52 one-hour messages that your members can download from iTunes® and other distribution sites, or listen right from your church's website, using our online MP3 player. Great for Members on the go or moved away. Once a file is downloaded it can be played on any MP3 player or burned onto a CD. iPod owners can plug into iTunes and automatically download your church's MP3 Files. Now supports videocasting!

  • Space for up to 52 28MB files at a time.

  • Customized MP3 player accessible from your church's website.

  • Automated iTunes® distribution. You do nothing!

  • Easy to use Account Console.

Now, when you register a new account, you will get the first 30 days free.  If you're not satisfied, then you can simply cancel your subscription once the 30 days have ended.  We invite you to set up your account and give it a try today.

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